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BFD is not just a diet

It's the core of good life!

The Best Forever Diet (BFD) is a wellness and diet program that focuses on the long-term health and wellbeing of individuals through its innovative and patented nutritious meal replacement diet.

BFD is the perfect solution to weight and disease management, and it will give you a healthier body. Following the BFD program will help you gain control against diabetes and other chronic diseases. It will boost your immune system, which will help you avoid illnesses, including the effects of viruses such as COVID-19. The BFD program can control or reverse fatty liver issues, giving you more energy, and it will help you lose weight. The BFD program will teach you how to create new permanent habits, routines, and rituals (“HRR”) in your path to long-term health.

Each chapter of the book is dedicated to specific BFD diet and health conditions, and it offers examples of successful case studies.

BFD teaches you that good health is not about mind over matter but instead about lifestyle and habits. The BFD program is in harmony with human nature. Most diets are too strict and do not provide a long-term solution to weight control. BFD is based on the proven, common-sense concept of “treating instead of cheating” through portion control, intermittent fasting, and healthy microbiome maintenance. Imagine the increased confidence you will have in your journey through life as your energy soars, you lose weight, your skin glows, and you feel great.

As the title of the book affirms, it is the “Best Forever Diet”.

Weight Loss & Control

Boost Your Immune System

Glucometer with sugar level on medical forms for diabetes

Avoid & Control Type 2 Diabetes

Woman Suffering from Illness

Manage Chronic Diseases

Living a healthy life.

Healthy Long Living

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Meal Replacement

The BFD replaces two meals each day. One with Enriched Pureed Fruits & vegetable pouches and the other is in Protein-Rich Sticks. BFD diets are very tasty and easy to carry.

Eat Right and Healthy


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How BFD Works?

There are two categories of BFD meal programs

BDF Category 1
Daily Meal Plans that You Will Follow 7 Days a Week for The Rest of Your Life

You start each day with one protein stick for breakfast. The protein stick when mixed with water produces a “Protein Rich Drink”. For lunch, you enjoy one Baby Food (pureed fruits and vegetable) in a squeezable pouch. This is a bundled plan designed to last sixty (60) days. It consists of 60 protein sticks and 30 squeezable pouches.

BDF Category 2
Health Specific Recommended Programs Practiced on A Scheduled Periodic Basis

We understand health conditions and recommend our uniquely designed BFD recommended health condition programs. The aim is to strengthen your body, boost your immune system and help with mental clarity beyond the benefits of the daily BFD diet. It is important in optimizing the results to create maximum health benefits.

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